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Millbo/Millbio expands its global presence in North America, Shanghai and Singapore

ROCHELLE PARK, NJ [November 13, 2023] MILLBO is delighted to announce their presence in
North America with the opening earlier this year of Millbio North America, headquartered in
Rochelle Park, New Jersey. With the new east coast location, the company has greatly expanded
its sales and customer support team to promote its continued growth and business development in
the Americas.

Founded in 1992, and headquartered in northern Italy, MILLBO focuses on highly innovative, clean-
label, and all-natural solutions for baking, food, and beverage applications.

With their further acquisitions of Bionaturals and Shanghai Biotec, as well as the establishment of
another new location, Millbio Singapore, this expansion enables MILLBIO to solidify its position as a
leading global player in food ingredients. Millbio will focus on promoting its unique ingredients such
as fermented/cultured flours and novel plant-based extracts, which are perfectly situated to address
the growing demand for clean-label shelf-life extension and preservation.

“With SPRING X-TRA LIFE™, (our fermented/cultured flours), and our newly launched X-TRA
GUARD™ Rowan Berry Extract (Sòrbus Aucuparia L.), we have the ability to achieve superior
solutions for clean-label preservation requirements. Our Natural SPRING SOURDOUGHS and
KINEZYME™ enzymes complement and enhance shelf-life solutions in a holistic way,” says
Peter Luck, Managing Director of Millbio North America.

X-TRA GUARD™ provides a novel solution for clean-label mold inhibition and prevention for
non-yeast raised bakery products such as cakes, muffins, and cookies, as well as for sauces,
dressings, dips, jams, fillings, and creams.

“All of our products are manufactured and certified in Italy,” declares CEO Alessandro Boggiani.
“Combined with the direct presence of Millbio in North America, we will be uniquely positioned to
provide the highest quality products and services to our clients in the Americas.”